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Take care of your brand – even when it’s summer vacation
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Every summer the question arises: Shouldn’t we turn down our advertising a bit, because people are going on holiday now anyway? ⛱️ The short answer is; do not screw down. It is important to be on. Consistent and consistent with your brand. Data shows that in several cases it is even easier to penetrate with its brand during holidays.

Branding under the skin

When everyday life is running, it takes a lot to get through to customers with your brand. Everyone is busy. Mailboxes are full of info, updates, meetings and reminders about all the meetings that didn’t happen last week. For the same reason, we adopt a fine-mesh filter throughout the year that automatically sorts out the messages that are not of immediate interest to us. This applies even to the most professional decision-makers.

This is where the summer holidays come in. Because a good summer holiday tends to remove the filter for most people. We’re still on and following – the world doesn’t stand still! – but we are experiencing less pressure and are therefore more receptive to different content and messages. The things we read or watch on holidays we are simply more likely to let get under our skin and take home.

So it makes all the sense in the world to stick with your continuous branding, or even to crank up and tailor a campaign to the times.

Good summer results

Good results await those who invest in advertising over the summer, and at least cheaper attention for the same crowns as in, say, September or October. The reason is that the two largest advertising engines (Google and Facebook) are based on an auction principle. The more advertisers, the more expensive the prices.

And since a lot of companies have the habit of going on holiday with their brand, you simply get cheaper and better visibility during the holidays. After all, the amount of recipients is intact. Because whether you’re at home in the cottage, at the beach or on a package holiday to Rhodes, figures show that people keep searching for content and inspiration around the clock. The best thing you can do is to show customers – both new and existing – that you’re there for them on the various media and channels. Show that even though it’s summer, your brand is on the mark.

A few dates speak for themselves. We manage millions on Facebook every month. We went through every account and took the CPM price every single month in 2021. That is, the price per 1,000 views. The trend looks like this:

It is clear that, due to the holiday period, conversions may lag behind. And it is also clear that more B2C customers will find it easier than B2B customers. But it doesn’t change the fact that you, as a company, are more clearly in the minds of customers when work has to resume after the holidays.  Also remember that if your market is Southern Europe, August is the period when CPM prices are lowest.

Let it come down to a test

In other words, a targeted effort during the holiday period should always be part of the company’s brand and communication strategy. At Clienti, we’ll help you analyse exactly how much you can gain by spreading your branding across the whole year, including holidays. Just ask.

Have a great summer ⛱️


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