August 5, 2022

Digital transformation happens too slowly for marketing and sales

In recent years, massive doors have been opened for marketing transformation projects - but the corridors of implementation behind them are getting longer and longer. The following experiences show which…
brand strategynadler
July 28, 2022


Introduced in the 1990s, Gocciole Pavesi has played its way into the hearts - and households - of the Italians. Based on the central idea that "life is a jungle",…
brand strategyclienti
July 22, 2022

Take care of your brand – even when it’s summer vacation

Take care of your brand - even when it's summer vacation Every summer the question arises: Shouldn't we turn down our advertising a bit, because people are going on holiday…
July 15, 2022

Soprema: from waterproofing membrane to responsible building

"The Future has begun” Novembre Creative Business Partner accompanies the evolution of the positioning of the B2B french based worldwide company Soprema. Independent family group since its creation in 1908,…
July 8, 2022

Is your sustainability communication credible?

The transition to a sustainable world offers interesting opportunities for the business world. We just don't succeed in communicating about it in a credible way. That's why Wim Vermeulen, Director…
July 1, 2022

What is a strong brand?

In the modern buying process, a strong brand is more important than ever. It's easy to say and we consultants often throw ourselves with the term - but what then…
June 27, 2022

Tense Client/Agency Relationships? Some matrimonial advice.

Finding the perfect client or agency is not easy. And as with any couple, it takes effort from both so that the relationship doesn't deteriorate and evolves positively towards happiness.…
June 10, 2022

More effectiveness in marketing and sales

As every year, the industry associations Leading Swiss Agencies and the Association of Swiss Advertisers publish the industry indicator. For this purpose, they again surveyed those responsible for marketing and…
CCA Jury @ Brokkolibrokkolimarketing
June 3, 2022

Brokkoli is good for the figures

For the 50th time, the best Austrian advertising campaigns were awarded by the Creative Club Austria. And BROKKOLI was once again among the winners this year. The agency's owners Patrik…
May 27, 2022

Why consultants and agencies fall victim to the business triage of smart marketing decision-makers

When it comes to selecting agency and consulting partners, the heat is still on. The competition for the favor of decision-makers with relevant budgets is causing the pressure on the…

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