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It’s not uncommon for retail chains selling household goods and beauty/personal care products to leverage their communication strategy on pricing, promotions and special offers. They tend to use a very hard-selling language, based on convenience and affordability.”Be a little more like everyone else. Don’t jump around. Blend in more.” Even in school we are taught not to stand out too much and only do what you are told. This article is aimed at all those who have managed to resist this pressure.
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So how can a brand stand out from the group? Tigotà, Italian retail chain specialized in household and personal care/beauty products, including make-up and perfumery, decided to challenge us.

We answered with an innovative communication strategy, valorizing the consumers’ shopping experience that could also give an added value also to the brand’s image.

For this reason, we chose to use a sophisticated but also amusing tone of voice. Fluorescent colours and pop music for the TV commercial showing the wide range of products available. A lively treatment and a rhythmic editing, that could speak to the target with a happy and lively atmosphere.

Post- on-air surveys, testing the appreciation and effectiveness of the TV commercial, have shown that this type of approach has helped establish convenience as a brand asset but without expressing it in an explicit way, therefore elevating the perception of the brand’s image.

Watch the TV campaign on the brand’s YouTube channel:


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