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A guide on how to become a desired troublemaker.

“Be a little more like everyone else. Don’t jump around. Blend in more.” Even in school we are taught not to stand out too much and only do what you are told. This article is aimed at all those who have managed to resist this pressure.
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What makes a really good agency? Is it the consulting, the creation, the determination to reach KPIs, the technical understanding of all new aspects of communication. Honestly, probably all of it. But one thing above all: the 100% commitment to fight the often burgeoning bullshit of the industry. And to do what an agency’s very own job is: to advise creatively. Without any blah blah. And that can only be done with the best people and the best ideas. Because good ideas are better for business.

Wait a minute, but isn’t it bullshit to talk about not allowing bullshit? Find out for yourself in this short bullshit self-test:

  • Would you also advise your customer not to buy a service from you because you think someone else can do it better?
  • AI, automation is more of an opportunity than a threat?
  • Do you think that a company’s greatest asset is its people, not the Porsches in its fleet?
  • Would you never call yourself a specialist because there is still a lot to learn?
  • Do you work according to the principle “the best idea wins” no matter who it comes from?
  • Is joy the biggest motivator, not pressure?
  • Do you treat customers like friends who are not told nonsense?

If you answered YES to all of these questions, you’re probably one of lucky guys who are called Trusted Advisors by their customers. Congratulations.

About Brokkoli, the no bullshit agency for analog, digital and much more. 50% growth in the last 3 years. One of the most nominated agencies at the EFFIE Awards in the last 2 years. From Cannes to ADC Europe – 350 international awards in the last 20 years. 22 interesting personalities who value themselves and their clients.


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