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Using the right tactics to become an advertising champion.

How agency teams should prepare for new clients in order to enjoy many joint successes afterwards: Pre-Celebration for Success-Celebration!
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With new customers or at the beginning of an agency pitch, motivation is huge at first, but there is a risk that euphoria will wane as the project progresses. BROKKOLI has therefore introduced a simple but effective solution.

Using a customer example, BROKKOLI’s smart way of working is presented as an example: In mid-2022, BROKKOLI won the Austrian business of an internationally active retail client.

PEPCO planned to open 35 stores in Austria within one year. During the same period, BROKKOLI had to increase the number of employees due to a strong growth phase.

The challenge was clear:
– BROKKOLI had to serve a new customer with a young project team.
– PEPCO, with around 3,000 branches throughout Europe, was unknown in Austria.
– A 360° campaign had to be designed and implemented for each individual branch opening.

The solution: Pre-Celebration for Success-Celebration!
After the project was handed over from the agency management to the team, the people involved came together for a pre-celebration. The people involved traveled into the future and celebrated PEPCO’s above-average success and the subsequent positive feedback for BROKKOLI with a glass of champagne. After this celebration, a brainstorming session was scheduled to write down the path back to the present.

From the brainstorming, the team gained written guidance for the project and the pre-celebration created a memorable spirit that has remained from the beginning to the present.

The results:
– The entire team was and is highly motivated.
– Implementation time from detailed briefings to delivery averaged less than 36 hours.
– More than 50 stores were opened in one year.
In short: one almost every week!

This great performance was probably the reason why BROKKOLI was also commissioned with PEPCO’s advertising agendas in Germany from November 2022.

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