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Designers know quite well which image content fits the idea, the theme and/or also the text. Only finding the right images is a time-consuming affair. In the future, an AI called Dall-E2 can take over the research in stock archives or composing. The tool presented by Open AI amazes the industry and holds huge disruption potential.
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DALL-E2 is the magic word
Open AI’s new AI tool that can create and edit images based on textual instructions. That alone is remarkable, but there are a few reasons why Dall-E2 brings real disruption potential to the media design industry:

First of all, DALL-E2 is another example of a new trend in computer interfaces: You say what you want, in natural language or with contextual cues, and the computer does it. A generator and translator, in other words. This works just as well for foreign languages as it does for coding and now also for image generation. DALL-E2 thus logically shows the way to an “AI employee” who accepts requests in natural language, just as a human does.

Extremely remarkable is the latest step of AI to understand complex concepts on many levels and to know how they relate to each other. This is clearly beyond a pixel-by-pixel design and shows for the first time the possibilities of powerful AI. DALL-E 2 is a tool that helps artists and illustrators be more creative, but it can also create a “complete work” – which is also rights-free. This could be an early example of the impact of AI on labour markets. Although we firmly believe that AI will create many new jobs and improve many existing work processes by doing repetitive tasks for us, we think it is also important to be honest enough to say that it will disrupt and thus rationalise away some jobs. It was actually believed that AI would first influence physical work, then cognitive work and maybe one day creative work. Today it looks as if it will happen in reverse order.

However, DALL-E2 clearly shows that it is ideas that are the limit of what we can do to make the world a better place. And it is not certain abilities that someone or a group of people may or may not have. That’s why DALL-E2 will strengthen the ability to innovate creatively and transport the tiresome search for images into the drawer of the “manual past”. If you want to learn more about how DALL-E2 works, take a look at this great video:

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