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Marketing Technology is key

Reputation management is the right term, but in the Marketing Technology environment it is rather used to monitor and manage brand reputations. In the case of one’s own professional reputation, however, the selection of profiling activities is limited to a few decisive platforms. Therefore, a reputation management tool for one’s own reputation would be nice, but in case of doubt it would be shooting at a sparrow with a cannon. It is much more worthwhile to focus on the obvious online presences. And these usually start with Google, or how do you deal with unknown meeting participants in advance?

It is therefore important to first see the content that others see when you enter your own name into the search engine. You should do this with a cleared cache and browser history and, at best, in “private” mode, because only then are the results neutral. If too many misleading links to your name are displayed here, a Marketing Technology tool called will help. If the correct content is already displayed, it is ultimately a matter of personal profiles in the leading business networks.

LinkedIn counts!

Of course, there is also Xing, but with advancing globalisation, the LinkedIn profile is increasingly becoming the major KPI for professional reputation. With a good profile you can achive a good differentiation factor. Unfortunately, the options for optimising one’s own profile page are so diverse that there are actually no automated MarTech tools for optimally “filling out” a LinkedIn profile. But there are professionals on the way. One of them is Reachin helps in various coaching formats, to improve your LinkedIn presence. And that’s already half the battle.

The Reputation Booster.

The other half of is admittedly much harder to achieve and pretty time-consuming. If you want to build up real, authentic expert status and thus a perceived professional reputation, you need to produce content. Purely “know-it-all” commenting may increase the volume in LinkedIn and is evidence of high broadcasting energy – but curiosity is ultimately the currency that pays off in pennies and nickels in terms of career reputation.

The first step is again quite individual and therefore personal coaching with a lot of empathy for possible target groups is needed here, rather than AI-supported automation of recurring work steps. There are several proven LinkedIn top coaches on the market, that do not only help with the first, immensely important steps in personal profiling.

The second step, however, is about the personal contributions into the network that make up a professional personality and its know-how. Here, however, content counts just as much as continuity in publishing. Quality and quantity are by no means mutually exclusive. And this is exactly where MarTech can help boost your personal reputation.

Starting with AI-supported content creation tools like or These tools provide active support in finding topics as well as in copywriting. But if you are less of a copywriter and more of a visual presenter, production tools such as for video streams and Transistor.FM for podcasts for your own specialist topics can help.

Last, but not least, it is always the mix of posts and professional statements that makes the difference. Therefore, enriching content with AI-generated posts via is just as effective as the automated curation of content via

Conclusion: When it comes to professional reputation, you should initially look at your own presence in Google and LinkedIn before you use tools to become a perceived specialist. MarTech tools can help build the desired profile for the associated reputation boosting without having to invest increased personal resources.

Our imagepartners member markenmut offers a detailed whitepaper with step-by-step explanations for free on their website here.

Enjoy reading and have a good networking!

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