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In 2015, landed on our desks. is a web price comparator for different types of utilities (insurance companies, power or connectivity providers and much more). In that period, online price comparators were multiplying, but they still weren’t very popular among consumers. This translated into a great opportunity for to outstand its competitors and become “the” comparator par excellence. Our objective was to find the right way to present it to the big public without having the target feel as if in a state of necessity.
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In Italian, the word “Facile” means easy, and “dot it” implies that it’s an online service. Therefore, the brand name itself contains a significant promise; comparing prices is easy and saving is just a click away. We chose to highlight a consumer’s need (i.e. saving money) under a positive light, in order to position in a distinctive brand territory. So, the product benefit of saving money was represented as a value.

If saving money is the objective, why not save on a commodity service where a lower price will not compromise the overall quality. In this way we can afford to not sacrifice our quality of life, like our gym, or other personal expenses. We like to define this a “smart choice”.

So, we represented a “smart” consumer, capable of managing his or her finances in an intelligent way, while preserving their lifestyles. A conscious consumer, technological but not a high-tech geek, because is a user-friendly, very intuitive, online comparator.

Over the years the campaign evolved towards a “saving is cool” concept, always underlining how a greater availability of money given by a smart saving policy, actually translates into a better quality of life. By saving on your car insurance, you can fulfill your personal interests and passions. We decided to localize the campaigns focusing on a territorial identity. The ads were set in different Italian regions (Tuscany, Sicily, Venice etc.), till the last campaign released in 2022.

Thanks to the brand’s strong positioning, “the coolness of saving”, the 2022 communication goes a step forward. The new campaign focuses on the concept of “giving up something”. In fact, we see a man who has transformed his car into a barbecue because the car insurance has become too expensive. Therefore, he has decided to give up his car. A hyperbole that wants to make us smile while providing the easiest of all solutions:

This is how a strong and solid brand positioning and five years of campaigns all generated by the same big idea, have contributed in maintaining a high reputation of the brand even in challenging times like today.

Watch the TV commercials on the Brand’s website:


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