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“The Future has begun”
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Novembre Creative Business Partner accompanies the evolution of the positioning of the B2B french based worldwide company Soprema.

Independent family group since its creation in 1908, SOPREMA has established itself as one of the world’s leading companies in the field of waterproofing, but also as a specialist in roofing, soundproofing and insulation.  The SOPREMA Group has developed and diversified throughout the world by integrating over the years activities that are complementary to its original business. The Group has become the world leader in waterproofing solutions and is now a key player in the building sector.

  • Top 3 in the world.
  • 9,720 employees worldwide, including 4,823 in France.
  • 101 production sites including 31 waterproofing plants, 40 insulation plants, 1 geotextile plant, 2 sealant and adhesive plants, 8 smoke extraction plants and 10 recycling plants.
  • Over 100 operating subsidiaries and a presence in 90 countries.
  • More than 4,000 distributors.
  • 17 R&D centres with a strong focus on sustainability.
  • 22 training centres in 8 countries.
  • Consolidated turnover 2021: 3.74 billion euros.


How is the agency supporting the evolution of the Soprema B2B brand?

Within the framework of working groups with the subsidiaries and marketing, we have used our methods to build a set of strategic opportunities that have been validated, assumed and pushed by the management.

All the subsidiaries and business lines were combined to build a common base under the company’s global brand.

Thus, having assumed our position with regard to all the innovations and new operational solutions on the markets, we decided to take a step back and set the commitment with the concept “The Future has begun”.


A breakthrough in the choice of targets

Soprema is what we call an invisible brand in terms of its products. Indeed, once installed, the brand disappears under other architectural elements (roofs, cladding, façades, etc.)

Another point is that the decision makers were identified as the technical decision makers. As a result, the brand was rarely mentioned in the specifications.

We defined that the brand had to jump over barriers of choice to address non-technical decision-makers.


Awareness and content: a liquid cross-media concept

Under the concept “The future has begun” we intertwined branding and content.

Branding to impact on all targets with TV broadcasts (business) and billboards (all audiences), the creation of a spot that allows creativity to run free in “project” mode:

Content with a guide and a website that enters through the need and not the product. Indeed, many industrial brands enter through their catalogue whereas if we think “customer centric” we must, in terms of communication tools, be facilitators. This is why we have organised our products according to needs, punctuated by examples to be found on


An internal launch first

We are committed to making our strategies real internal events for companies. Our primary audience is our employees. This is why we have designed a launch event with the inclusion of a specific film by the CEO to be seen here

and broadcast during a launch evening with a distinguished guest who has also made a breakthrough in the aviation sector with Solar Impulse, Bertrand Piccard. Soprema is now a partner of the Solar Impulse Foundation. The concept was presented during a road show in the regional offices.



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