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Introduced in the 1990s, Gocciole Pavesi has played its way into the hearts – and households – of the Italians. Based on the central idea that “life is a jungle”, the brand has evolved over the years, helping people across the country face the small everyday troubles with a laugh. Gocciole Pavesi is a great showcase of how consistency in the brand story can make a brand a celebrity.
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The ingredients are: Mom, Dad and their little “human cub”. In the years, we added a flippant mother-in-law and some friends. It’s a family like many others, with feet on the ground and their heads among the lianas.

We also added some little everyday problems, to the ingredients: the bus, or rather the 7.30 am elephant that is never on time, so they are always late for work; the beastly traffic jam, every morning; waking up at dawn to walk the dog, or better, the pet-lion, is so difficult. But don’t worry, with the taste and energy of the Gocciole biscuits, the day will start off with a new face, and everybody will begin with a smile.

The result? A recognizable signature right from the first jingle notes, that have always opened the TV commercial, capable of evoking an immediate recall thanks to the “jungle” metaphor.

A format, that in the last edition of the “jungle saga”, released in 2022, presents two testimonials dressed in leopard clothes. A well-known Italian actor and actress, both comedians. Because to make people laugh you need the right comedic timing and a good dose of humor.

Watch the TV commercials on the Brand’s website:

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