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Sometimes to travel into the future, you need jump on a steam train. So, we rented a real one to narrate the heritage of a famous Italian chamomile brand: Bonomelli. We made our steam train cross the entire Apulian plains and over a century of history, till our days. We created a magic atmosphere working on a space-time short-circuit, starting from the setting which was recreated with extreme care, down to the last detail (the protagonists were all dressed in original, turn of the century costumes), and with a top-level direction and a professional movie atmosphere.

The brand personality of Bonomelli is based on two axes: tradition (i.e. the experience and competence built in over 100 years of history) and innovation (i.e. capability of launching products always aligned with the most modern market trends like functionality, health consciousness, naturalness, taste; thanks to the expertise and knowledge acquired in their long-lasting activity).
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For this reason, philological reconstruction and state of the art technology travelled on the same track, combining analogical skills from the past – let’s think about the great work of the costume designers and stylists – to the most advanced technologies like high-speed cameras. A journey through time that made our public dream, leading them into the past, while carrying the prestige of an historical brand into contemporary age.

All films start with a reenactment of the early 1900 and have a variable ending, set in the present time. Each subject is dedicated to the different range of herbal teas. The setting is recreated with extreme care, down to the last detail: 150 actors, more than 100 staff people involved in the production, and all product details filmed with a 1,500-fps high-speed camera – compared to the average camera with 25 fps.

Tradition and cutting-edge technology working together as one, to launch the brand into future.

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