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On the lookout for more sales alignment? After all, you can only spend your marketing budget once. As effective as possible. But what is your strategy and where do you start? At the customer journey! You do need to know your customer well. So make sure you have a detailed profile of your target groups. Because then you can fine-tune the customer journey.

map out your target group first …

Okay, but who exactly are your much sought after (new) customers? To find out, Amazing develops personas and customer journeys. You quickly discover who your customer really is, and what they are sensitive to. Once you have mapped the persona, you have the right starting point for your marketing strategy. Because every good strategy starts with knowledge of personas. You lay the foundation to turn your target group into a group of fans of your product or service. The effect will surprise you!
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… and get to know your customer in his own persona

The customer journey starts with a persona. A persona is the personification of an existing or potential target group. The big advantage of a persona is that you can transform an abstract target group into real people. With their preferences, background, emotions and corresponding purchasing behaviour. A persona gives you deep insight into your target group. This allows you to zoom in on your customer, communicate your message with precision and target effectively. Clear personas also ensure that everyone in your organisation knows who you are aiming at. No more confusion. A strategy that always proves effective!

meet the buyer persona and user persona

At Amazing we work with two types of personas: the buyer persona and the user persona. Usually we choose one of the two to base the customer journey on. What is the difference? A buyer persona is the ideal customer. This persona helps you to make your content more effective, but often does not use your product itself. A user persona does, the end user of your product. The buyer persona often plays the role of influencer, by inciting the user persona to buy. Think, for example, of a child that keeps asking its mother for that particular brand of cornflakes. But also the user persona can be very interesting to focus your message on.

ready with personas? Let’s go on a customer journey!

Have you identified your target group by means of one or more personas? Then you can start looking at how your persona goes through the whole buying process. Amazing captures that process in the customer journey. A detailed roadmap, from the first encounter with your product to the purchase and after sales. Discover how it is now and how you can design the ideal customer journey. Because with a strategic customer journey you communicate with your target group in a perfectly timed way. Where it is most effective. Meanwhile, you have the flexibility to tweak and fine-tune your content. Discover where and when you have to take action to steer your customer towards a decision. With a balanced customer journey, especially for your personas!

This is what personas and the customer journey can do for you:

– you know exactly who your target group is
– You can really communicate with your customer in a more targeted way.
– you have a view of the entire purchase process from A to Z
– You control the whole purchase process accurately
– your marketing mix delivers more sales-alignment!

Discover how to turn your target group into real people, whom you know well. Because then you can develop communication that takes your customer by the hand, from first encounter to final choice for your brand.

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