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A global success born in Helsingborg, Sweden

Bluetooth is a 20+ years young technology. During these years, Bluetooth has developed into one of the world’s leading standards with 30,000 member companies and upwards of 100 billion units sold. And believe it or not, Bluetooth’s commercial saga actually started in Helsingborg. Sweden when Pyramid in 1998 was commissioned by Ericsson to develop name, identity, brand platform and the global launch.
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Some of the cornerstones of success:

  • Correct categorization: Early in the process, we decided that Bluetooth would not be presented as a detailed technology but as an umbrella concept for how electronic gadgets can communicate wirelessly. This has meant, among other things, that Bluetooth today includes completely different technologies than the original, for example wireless technology for communication over very short distance.
  • Name that stands out: Ericsson’s technology name for Bluetooth was MC LINK, which did not differentiate or communicate the brand promise During an intensive phase before the launch, a number of name suggestions were developed before the technology was finally launched as Bluetooth. Bluetooth became one of the first technology names to be “out-of-the-box”, and the odd name has had a major impact on the technology’s success. We are happy to tell the story behind the name, where a key person’s Viking interest played a crucial role …
  • Creative communication: The basis of all communication was that Bluetooth should not be presented as a detailed technology, but as a concept for how electronic gadgets can communicate wirelessly. This was one of the conceptual parts of the launch
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