Facts & Figures

Offer: online, offline and mobile solutions for marketing and corporate communications
Industry: finance, it, investment and consumer goods, services and institutions
Company: 15 employees, network of external branding and digital specialists
Status: a BSW leading Swiss agency
Location: Basel, Switzerland

Core Competences

We are a strategically focused creative agency and view ourselves as sparring partners for our clients. Our strategies and solutions are developed using the 360° approach and designed for the long-term. Our practice-oriented brand strategy increases brand awareness and strength for both national and international companies. Both of these approaches are vital for success in an age of fragmented markets and heterogeneous target groups.

Major Clients

• Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel
• Kestenholz Auto AG
• Doetsch Grether
• Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank
• Swiss International Airline Ltd.
• Otto Hofstetter AG
• Conica Sportsfloring

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