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TOTAL is the second largest oil and gas company in Norway, and has great things in the making. Attendance at the conference and exhibition Offshore Northern Seas (ONS) is a natural and good opportunity for the company to share their aspirations, achievements and activities.


To do this, Total and people on the stand use what comes naturally in a conversation: words. Many words. Which is good, of course, but even the best narrator (conversation partner) may need a little help sometimes.


We searched for a way to show more than just tell what Total means with the promise ”Great things in the making” . The solution was a flexible tool to support conversation – whether it concerns
– The big picture
or the many small but important details
– Simplification and complexity.

Total had many stories to tell and this solution gave a good support for the narrators and gave the solution a great narrator experience. Which again gave all visitors a greater chance to hear what was being told.
Total wanted to tell the story of a completely new way to build and operate an oil and gas field. This application makes it possible to tell about it in a whole new way too.



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