Sony Pictures – We Smurfed Cova da Moura

Corporate Publishing, Nove


Sony Pictures celebrates every year and all over the world Peyos´s birthday, the creator of the Smurfs characters. This celebration was even more important this year as Sony Pictures was premiering the movie Smurfs 2.


In all major cities this celebration is turned into Smurf parades or similar, but Sony Pictures Portugal wanted to do something different this year, something that brought the Smurfs happiness into society where sometimes all you hear is unhappy stories.


We went to a different event location! Instead of taking a normal “comercial” parade into Lisbon´s town center, we took all the Smurfs happiness to the poorest and more problematic neighbourhood. We Smurfed Cova da Moura! We Smurfed the main street painting it with the help of local graffiters, we offered help to the local school with Smurf material, we sponsored a parade designed by the locals, various workshops, we took all the children to the Smurfs 2 premiere and we organized Peyo a huge birthday party at the end of it!

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