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Client – Banco Santander

Banco Santander is one of the bigger banks in the world with strong presence in Europe and Latin American. In Spain is the bank of reference but since it is and “old” bank some of its clients still operate the “old way” and do everything through the offices.


The goal was so clear:

To find a communication line that would easily show all the benefits of operating online and would encourage both clients and employees to operate via the different digital channels.




With this goal on mind, we developed a campaign called Un click que lo cambia todo (One click that changes everything) starring by popular toys made by Playmobil brand in the 70’s that were called clicks in Spain. So our strategy was launched and running via video, direct marketing, point-of-sale communication, online campaign… and our dear clicks as the best influencers we could dream.

Three months later Banco Santander experienced a 35% increase in online activations.


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