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Naturelle is the most premium web shop for organic cosmetics in Finland. Bringing in exclusively the U.S. based luxury brands, such as Juice Beauty, Tata Harper and May Lindstrom skincare.

Now after one year Naturelle has become the online market leader and fastest growing player in organic cosmetics in Finland. Naturelle will open new markets to Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Russia after the success in Finland.


As the youngest player in the field, Naturelle had to do something different. Other competitors had already established themselves very well and it is always hard for a new player to enter the market. Organic cosmetics is also a niche in Finland still, even though the market is growing rapidly. How to get quality traffic? How to make visitors buy? How to make a good impression on the first time customers?



None of the competitors was very active in the marketing field, so that was the first exploited area to make a difference. Effective digital marketing campaign, attractive and targeted social media campaigns and blog posts proved to be a tactic that brought immediate results.

However, the problem was to convince the customers, that Naturelle was not like every other web shop selling organic cosmetics. Few core rules were implemented:

  • Logistical flow has to be fast, no exceptions
  • Every order has to feel special (free samples, gifts and always personal message from Naturelle)
  • Customer service level has to have fast response time and personal touch

After one year of active marketing work Naturelle has grown to be the most influential player in Finland and plans now to expand its markets to other Nordic countries.

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