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Heintz van Landewyck: In 1847 Jean-Pierre Heintz opened the tobacco factory Heintz van Landewyck in Luxembourg. His factory became the first address for tobacco friends – and the cornerstone of today’s global sucessul company. It is the enjoyment of pleasure that has accompanied the family company for six generations now.

They have continuously improved their production technology in terms of quality and effectiveness and have developed new tobacco products that meet the taste, lifestyle, but also the handling requirements of  people who enjoy life just for the pleasure of it.



In general: Developing a new cigarette in the very competetive and sensitive German market

Concrete: Launch of a new and unique brand to break into the already established segment of additive-free cigarettes


MAYA breaks conventional rules with full awareness:

  • Reminiscent of the old Mayan art of weaving, which was very colourful
  • Blatantly optimistic
  • MAYA brings color to the life of the young, urban indians in times of worldwide troubles

These factors had direct influence in the graphical composition of the new brand, as you can see for yourself in the slider images or maybe even your local cigarette store.




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