Otto Hofstetter



Otto Hofstetter produces injection moulds for the PET and packaging industries. With sites in India and China, Otto Hofstetter is able to take advantage of close customer proximity to the largest PET producers in the world.

Otto Hofstetter manufactures injection moulds for the production of high-grade plastic packaging articles. The main application areas of their moulds are PET preforms, thin-walled packaging products, cartridges and articles for growers.


Otto Hofstetter sets the benchmark for quality and precision in the industry. The high degree of customisation, along with culturally determined conditions, means that it difficult for the company to position itself through the categorisation of the products’ attributes.


The ads do not focus on the Otto Hofstetter tools. Instead, they showcase the products created by customers using the tools. The ads stage unspectacular, commonplace, even boring end products in an unexpected, entertaining, exciting and humorous way, while respecting different cultural identities.

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