HH Simonsen



The danish brand HH Simonsen makes hair styling products for professional hairdressers and their customers. HH Simonsen was build by a team of hairdressers with extensive knowhow and expertise. The company has been producing hair styling products the last 12 years and have a reputation for making quality products at affordable prices.



When Clienti started working with HH Simonsen, they had a wide range of products, product designs and product names. The brand logo was often misplaced and used in an inconsistent way. The brand awareness was low and the demand for the products was equally low. The brand spillover effect was not present.



After the introducing the new communication- and packing platform HH Simonsen recruited 15 new business partners and has been growing steadily ever since. In addition, Clientis execution of promotional activities on Facebook and Instagram has resulted in significant involvement and positive publicity.




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