Carte d’Or Professional

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CARTE D’ OR (Unilever Food Solutions) in the B2B market is perceived as the market leader in dry dessert mixes. Wide market research carried out in Italy has proven that chefs who find pride in preparing desserts from scratch would still like to have some help when it comes to creating the basic texture of a dessert – the low value added steps of dessert preparation, to be then freer to add their touch.


With the launch of “Carte d’Or Professional Texture” – CdO is targeting a new segment of chefs. This new target of chefs is currently creating all of their desserts from scratch and they find pride in it. They regard the current CdO offering as a range of products for “non-chefs”. They have a negative perception of the brand as it limits their creativity and the creation of their own taste profile.


A full COMMUNICATION PACK to fulfil the launch strategy: trade materials, on and offline ADV campaign on main trade magazines in Italy, PR activities, sampling delivery.

  • ADV: the adv campaign has created Awareness around the new Brand CDO Professional Texture by showing operators what they can do now with this new, innovative, product range.
  • Trade materials: T-shirt, sales/recipe brochure, video tutorial, C&C expo has supported sell-in operations.
  • PR: the new Brand has been presented at the Exhibition Identità Golose (an outstanding international food congress set in Milan –February 10th 2015).
  • Sampling: a sample kit containing a tester of the product+ USB stick with video tutorials + recipe brochure will be sent to 1.000 selected operators in Italy.


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