Bongers Bikes



BongersBikes is a large retailer for high-end sports bicycles. They have outgrown their local function and with close to 2.000 bikes sold per year (average 4.000,-) they are one of the leading stores in Holland. Their webshop is emerging and targeted at the whole country and beyond, since there are the only store to have dealership of more than 5 leading brands. Their own level of branding and their communication did not keep up with their growth.



The objectives of the campaign was to;

  • Introduce the new branding of BongersBikes to existing customers
  • Create traffic to the store
  • Create a buzz
  • Introduce the brand to new customers


The online community immediately understood what was going on, in the woods it was the smart and curious biker that stopped for the sign and read (on the back of the sign) what it was and what actions to make. Due to specific instructions we got them to post the signs online on Twitter and Facebook, using location, image and a code number.
The effect of he campaing was Great: a 20% increase of Facebook fans for BongersBikes, a packed first day in the newly designed store, 24.000 Facebook interactions and over 3.000 actions taken by targetgroup members. (share, like, comment, post)

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