Bingo with Bosto



Bosto Benelux is part of Ebro international food group operating in rice, pasta and sauces. It’s a well established brand on the Belgian rice market, the runner up challenging leader Uncle Ben’s. Private Label leads in market share, however.



In comparison with our German and French neighbours, Belgians eat rice much less often; roughly once every three weeks. Most families have their usual list of about ten menus, with potatoes or pasta as the staple. How could we inspire the Belgians to add rice to that list?


A campaign concept called ‘It’s always “Bingo!” with BOSTO rice!’ Get in your kids’ – or your housemates’ – good books with an original, inspiring new BOSTO recipe every week – plus the chance of winning top prizes. “Bingo!” then – every week!

To make this a tailor made campaign we first had to identify our rice fans. Everyone who registered with a unique code printed on the BOSTO pack could take part in a prize draw – and you got even more chance of winning if you signed up for the newsletter with original e-recipes. The campaign went on in store, on pack, in magazines, online via the website and Facebook ads, and on social media and e-mail.

About 11,000 individuals registered – a sizeable BOSTO database for a start, and more than 60% of them signed up for the e-newsletter and are receiving the weekly rice recipe via e-mail. This keeps the inspiration going.

Sales kicked off immediately upon campaign launch and stabilized on a monthly 5% higher level. Bosto’s market share surpassed Uncle Ben’s’ first time in history and sustained.

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