Client – AECC (Spanish Association Against Cancer)

AECC is an association formed by cancer patients and their families, volunteers and health professionals who work together to prevent, sensitize, support and research to stop cancer in all of its variants and find better diagnosis and treatment for this disease.


AECC found that is it possible to detect colon cancer trough an easy fecal occult blood test. Our mission was then to communicate such a big but a bit “unpleasant” discover with a not so big budget and trying to make it viral and massive.



Who better than one of the most loved emojis to communicate it? Yes, we made the Whatsapp Happy Poop starred of one explainer video in which this funny little poop encouraged people to do this new type of analyisis to prevent this horrible disease.

What happened then? Our video on Youtube was seen by more than one million people and reached more than 5´6 targeted people. In addition, AECC experienced an increase in calls to infocancer phone number of 1460%. Finally, the campaign won several awards, including Golden Effy Award 2015 to effectiveness in the use of communication for a social cause.


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