Facts & Figures

falknereiss is an Austrian full service marketing agency which is owned 100% by the two managers Erich Falkner and Fred Reiss. Conducted by it‘s proprietors Erich Falkner and Fred Reiss we are independent, quick, flexible and dedicated. We are small enough for personal support of the management, and big enough through our partner network to service clients successfully not only in Austria but internationally.
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Core Competences

We don‘t have a sophisticated philosophy but a simple motto: Listen. Think. Act. Sounds natural. But it isn‘t.

Major Clients

AirPlus (business travel management)
Diners Club (credit card)
Forstinger (car accessories retailer)
Leyrer+Graf (construction company)
Nah+Frisch (grocery chain)
Nestlé Health Science (nutritional supplements)
Rainer (Mazda retailer)
Tai Pan (travel agency)

Our projects

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